Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Dream Big

The backyard has been the centre of much activity, anticipation and excitement this past week. The big buzz in these parts is the new outdoor "rink", formerly the family sandbox. Chi-Chi was the visionary on this project. Once he set his sights on his own personal hockey rink, my sweet boy worked diligently flooding, smoothing, painting, flooding and clearing. He has big dreams of being a goal tender some day and has been working on his puck saving skills. With Mommy and Muffy watching from the kitchen window, huddled up with warm cocoa and sweaters, Chi-Chi is content to brave the wind and cold in quiet contemplation. I see his lips moving as he positions his little body into various "moves", losing himself in his dream. He his perfectly content with his personal 6'X6' rink. It seems just right (for now!!)

Chi-Chi is not the only one dreaming big around here. My recent dabbling in the world patchwork "quilts" has my mind working up some grand plans for more cozy coverings. Now that my bed is dressed, I think both boys could use something a little heavier to cuddle up with during the cold months ahead. I've been busy digging through my stash, as well as the aisles of my favorite thrift shop, developing a plan and color schemes. Here is a wee glimpse of what's in store for Muffy's bed. My favorite one is the vintage kitchen, hen print that I cut from a thrifted apron. I also love the golden sunflower hues from a great old bed sheet. Since this is a new domain for me, I'm opting to use the tied approach as opposed to traditional quilting. It seems like a good place for a beginner to start. Though I used 12' squares for my queen sized project, I'm using 6" squares this time around (gulp).

Funny how both Chi-Chi and I are starting our new adventures with baby steps - one tiny square at a time!

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