Thursday, 24 September 2009

A Gift for my Cuddle Bug

This weekend, our family will be gathering to celebrate sweet Muffy’s third birthday! The festivities will be fun yet simple. My bug lovin’ boy’s only request is a stinkbug cake! Yes, there is going to be some creative baking going on this weekend. I’ll likely whip up my favorite chocolate zucchini cake recipe and do a bit of dissecting. He’s pretty particular about his bugs so I better get it right!

I’ve been chipping away at a very special gift for my little cuddle bug. With the cooler weather creeping in on us, I thought he could use his very own “cuddle kit” to keep him cozy and warm this winter. I set to work on creating a wool comforter/duvet and I’m so pleased with the results, I want one for myself! I used this tutorial as a starting point for the project. My goal was to source as much of it as possible from used materials. I purchased a bat of wool for the lining and sandwiched it between two repurposed bed sheets. I tied yarn at regular intervals to keep the wool from shifting and bunching. Because my little stinkbug can actually be little on the “stinky” side, a washable cover was an absolute must! I still had some sheeting left over from my curtain project so I paired it up with some new velvety soft flannel to create a cover. I’ve fallen in love with this quilt! It’s so soft and cozy and has an incredible weight and warmth to it. It measures 60" by 60", which seems just about perfect. I picture many hours of snuggling and cuddling under this blanket over the years, curled up with a few good books and a comforting serving of milk. To complete the “cuddle kit”, we purchased Muffy his own sheepskin rug. Chi-Chi received one a few years ago and it’s been a favorite spot to play or read. Since these rugs really only fit one child at a time, I though Muffy deserved his own.

I’m well aware that a handmade blanket does not classify as the most exciting gift for a three-year-old boy! I little birdie told me a shiny, new garbage truck just might be Muffy’s near future. Certainly, he’ll be over the moon about that truck! Though the cuddle kit lacks in the fun and flashy department, I know it will have lasting value and provide endless hours of comfort and love to my boy for a long time to come. My childhood blanket, “Ticky Bing-Bing”, is with me to this day! Ticky is now a mere ball of threads, but I still pull him out now and then and give him a hug. I may not tote him around like I used to, but the fond memories of him remain with me forever. He was a constant source of comfort for me as a child. The night I went into labour with Chi-Chi, I actually pulled out dear Ticky for a little dose of soothing

So, I hope my little stinkbug loves his special gift. If he doesn’t, I know someone who’d be happy to call it her own!!!

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Michelle said...

Happy, happy birthday!!! I'm sure that beautiful blanket will be well loved :-)