Monday, 28 September 2009

Back to Earth

I woke up this morning to the sound of wind and rain pounding against the window. After yesterday's boisterous birthday bash, I actually welcomed the cozy, darkened mood of this wet and blustery day. The boys and I spent the morning coming back to earth after such an eventful weekend. While I sat snuggled up with my tea, Chi-Chi and Muffy occupied themselves with some great new books, new toys and half-deflated balloons!

Around noon, I decided it was finally time to shed my PJ's and emerge from our cave. I'm entering a few items in the Annual Surf Art Show at the Laughleton Gallery in West Chezzetcook and I needed to deliver my goodies. The show opens this Saturday and runs until November 1. The show is described as a celebration of surfing, the waves, coastal life, the ocean and seaside people. It's a creative gathering of surfers and non-surfers (like myself) from the community who all share a love of life by the ocean. As in the past, I'm entering a selection of my hooked rugs. These were a few I hooked earlier in the year, during the cold winter months where the boys and I found ourselves playing endless hours of basement hockey. I thought I'd add a little twist to my contribution this year by entering some of my hand-dyed wool skeins. I chose a collection of ocean inspired hues. My basket is overflowing with some Sea Lettuce, Low Tide, Seafoam, Tidepool, Stormy Seas and my favorite, Rainbow Haven Beach! If you live in the area and are in search of some fun on Saturday, I encourage you to check out the show. The beautiful drive down the Eastern Shore alone makes the trip worthwhile.

Upon returning to our cozy little nest, some quiet time was enjoyed by all. I love this shot of little Muffy snuggled up in his mama-made cozy kit. The bithday garbage truck most definitely had the spotlight at the party. Now that the dust has settled, I'm happy to see my little guy enjoying this special gift.


Michelle said...

The rugs & wool are lovely--best of luck at the show!

And what a sweet photo of your little cuddle bug :-)

The Wool Fairy said...

Thanks Michelle! The show is always lots of fun.

Yes, aren't the cuddle bugs always so cute when sleeping? I rare moment of silence was enjoyed (:

April said...

Glad to hear it all went well despite the possibility of runny noses for the big day! I hope to see you Saturday at the Surf Show! I had a lot of fun last year.

kitchencowgirl said...

ok can you hurry up and do something else that is very cool?! You can't be that busy!! xo m

The Wool Fairy said...

Oh the pressure! Would you like to hear all about the Corporate Income Tax refresher course I'm currently working on. It's riveting, really! (: Painful, painful, painful!