Sunday, 21 June 2009

Past and Present

Hubby just recently returned from a two and a half week surf trip with the guys. When I heard him describe his vacation as a “spa for surfers”, I didn’t feel too guilty about the wee bit of shopping I was up to in his absence. While he was enjoying the exotic surf and sun, the boys and I spent some time visiting with Nanny and Graga in the Annapolis Valley. I enjoyed a chance to do some antiquing by myself. I find pleasure in the mere act of rummaging around a dusty barn, chatting with the dealer and leaning something new about the past.

I certainly didn’t go on some kind of crazy shopping spree! I picked up a few unique small ticket items to add a touch of fun and interest to my life. Isn’t this little “Handy Jar” adorable? Apparently it was used to keep spare string from meat packages back in the day. I’m thinking it would be the perfect little spot to store spare spools of thread or perhaps tasty peppermints. I love the patina of the faded and chipped paint.

A stroll through Value Village last week produced this great vintage set of Pyrex bowls in the Friendship pattern. They became even more lovely once I filled them with local yummies from my weekly CSA food basket. These date back to the early 70’s, which is probably why they fill me up with warm and cozy feelings. Though my mother does not own this particular pattern, she has a great set of Pyrex mixing bowls that she still uses. They remind me of her, of course, and my childhood days baking alongside her in the kitchen.

For someone who claims she “hates” sewing, I seem to be burning the midnight oil on my sewing machine lately. It’s often a frustrating experience for me with the odd curse wood slipping out of my lips. I took up sewing because I desired the end result. Dare I say I’m starting to enjoy it a bit….a tiny bit. This funky/frumpy vintage sewing basket was another great find in light of my recent interest in a needle and thread.

The whirring sound of my sewing machine is also something that brings about warm and cozy feelings. As a child, my mother sewed the vast majority of my clothing. Stitching up a few simple pieces of clothing for the boys provides me with a connection to my own childhood and weaves a common thread between my mother and me. I’m still whipping off the same PJ pant pattern that I’ve used time and time again. This time I pulled together some fun summer jammies with matching appliqué tank tops. Muffy, the family entomologist, was so proud of his bug pajamas that he wore them all day long during his insect hunting expeditions in the backyard mulch pile. Little Chi-Chi was soon modeling my behaviour, playing make-believe sewing as he stitched up new jammies for the whole family. Melt my heart of course.

I’m looking forward to lots more fun crafting days with the boys and of course, more leisurely visits to my favorite antique shops this summer. Both activities are always a fun way to blend the past with the present.


sherrieg said...

The bowls are fantastic! Nice find. :)

The Wool Fairy said...

They were a good find and I was beaming about it. I snatched them up so fast when I spotted them. It was just one of those days...lots of good finds that day for some reason. The stars were aligned for me (:

Nicole said...

Excellent bowls!!
My kids have that same wooden sewing machine, I think I love it as much as they do!
I think you would enjoy my giveaway!
Mama and child vintage aprons : )

The Wool Fairy said...

I'm sure I would enjoy your giveaway Nicole! I'd love to know the link

Yes, I love the sewing machine perhaps more than they do (: