Thursday, 25 June 2009

Montessori Makeover Continued...

Our new Montessori Placemats have been a huge hit. My only complaint is that I didn't make enough of them! Chi-Chi and Muffy both insist on using the placemats at each meal. Snacks included, we eat six meals a day around here. The placemats are pretty darn grubby after a simple breakfast of cereal and milk. I'm therefore finding myself hunched over the washboard several times a day in order to keep them "presentable". These picky little monkeys also insist that their placemats be spotless! Obviously, I need to stitch up a few more of these cuties.

All of the focus on meals has naturally lead my mind to meal preparation. Like all children, Chi-Chi and Muffy love lending a hand in the kitchen. From a very young age, I've always had a nice selection of child-sized cooking utensils and aprons on hand. I stumbled upon this free pattern for the Montessori Child's Apron on the Sew Liberated blog. Brilliant!! The kiddies are always asking for assistance in tying their little aprons. This one is designed with an easy-on, easy-off velcro strap, enabling the children to both dress and undress on their own. Despite my love/hate relationship with my sewing machine, I simply HAD to do up a set of of these. Since I planned to hang them in the kitchen where Chi-Chi and Muffy could easily access and store them, I thought it would be fun to order some special fabric. It was my lucky day. I picked up this adorable retro apple fabric on sale from Super Buzzy. At two and a half, even little Muffy can manoever this apron by himself. Yes, brilliant! Another step towards independence and self-sufficiency (sniff, sniff).

On the topic of aprons, I just had to share this hilarious vintage smock/apron I picked up for $3 at a local antique shop. It is the solution to saving my wardrobe (as pathetic as it is) from paint, glue, butter, spaghetti sauce! I feel a little frumpy and foolish wearing it, but I do secretly love it!

With the three of us sporting our new kitchen attire, we are off to bake a warm batch of cookies on this foggy, wet day....chocolate chip of course!

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kate said...

Great post. I just wanted to thank you for helping to inspire me to create more of a Montessori envirenment in our home for my kiddos! Your ideas have provided me with a great spring board from which to jump!

I have spent a lot of time over the past week researching and planning this new direction...

Thanks again! Kate