Friday, 22 May 2009

Rubba Dub Dub

I've been spending so much time and energy pining for spring that I was rather surprised when my long lost friend Summer made an appearance this week. Because we live on the coast, I usually ignore the forecasted temperature, knowing very well that a cool sea breeze can drop the mercury a solid ten degrees. Despite this fact, it was hot today, at least by our standards!

We spent practically every minute soaking up the sunshine in the back yard. The boys enjoyed a fun frolic in the sprinkler as well as a tasty "fruit pop" to cool of their tongues. They also took a dip in our new "pool". The latest addition to our outdoor water recreation equipment is a galvanized tub, picked up at the hardware store. My original plan was to plant patio pickles in this tub. Since it has been confiscated by the wee ones, I will have to seek out alternate options. It's a wonderful spot to cool off on a hot day and is a perfect fit for my two little boys. It's also a lot easier on my eyes than those junky, tacky plastic kiddie pools that never make it through one season. I speak from experience! I've been through far more of those flimsy inflatable pools than I would like to admit.

Unlike the plastic options, our pool is multi functional and will be around for years to come. One day, likely sooner than I would like to admit, the wee ones will be finished with it. Mama will then reclaim it for her own endeavours in the garden. Until then, rubba-dub-dub two monkeys in the tub!

Happy weekend everyone!

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