Monday, 26 January 2009

Our Thrift Store Score

The boys and I found ourselves roaming the isles of our local Value Village thrift store this afternoon. I was in search of some reasonably priced ceramic pitchers to add to the family’s “Montessori Cupboard”. Chi-Chi currently attends the most wonderful Montessori preschool two mornings a week. We designated a small section of kitchen cupboards to house a handful of Montessori materials and exercises. This special collection of activities acts as a nice contrast to the family’s toy collection which focuses heavily on imaginative and pretend play.

Muffy, who will be joining big brother at preschool in the fall, has demonstrated a particular interest in this special cupboard. He contemplates and reviews his options ever so carefully before selecting materials to work with. Time and time again, Muffy is drawn to the water pouring exercise I’ve set up with a pitcher and child-size teapot. At just two years old, I’m certainly not ready to trust the little guy with the fine china! I’ve picked up some great deals at the second hand shops on cups, pitchers, plates and glasses for the children to use. They enjoy using “real” objects and are learning to respect the limits when handling breakable and fragile items. As a bonus, I’m not overly devastated when they are reduced to a million pieces on my hardwood floors!

After choosing a sturdy little pitcher in the house wares department, I somehow found myself being steered to the sporting goods section. The new pitcher, which had been the center of much excitement and discussion, was “pitched” aside when the boys set their sights on all the used hockey equipment. Chi-Chi’s keen eye quickly spotted a set of kiddie goalie pads for $1.99. Despite my “question every purchase” mantra for 2009, I will admit that very little convincing was required and I caved pretty quickly. Chi-Chi has exhibited such a strong enthusiasm for goal tending, I felt the joy and entertainment value of these pads was worth the mere toonie I dug out of my change purse.

Chi-Chi was in his glory for the remainder of the afternoon. I was happy to see him incorporate creativity and resourcefulness into the game. Check out the goalie stick. It bears a striking resemblance to those hobbyhorses I made last summer. That blocker reminds me a little of the tissue box I set out in the bathroom on Friday. My only question is…what happened to all the tissues?


Linda said...

Is the pitcher cornishware? It is very pretty.

The Wool Fairy said...

Yes, it is Cornishware. T.G. Green & Co - made in England. Hmmmmm....maybe I shouldn't be letting my two year old "play" with this one! They have good taste as Chi-Chi picked it out (: