Thursday, 22 January 2009

My Little Bookworms

Chi-Chi and Muffy shocked and impressed me the other day. In need of a change of scenery, I planned a small outing for the boys in the morning. They were given two clear choices - skating at the rink or a trip to the local library. Both little guys eagerly shouted "Library!" in unison. Ah, music to my ears... They made their mama proud with their wise choice. I'm happy to see that the novelty of hockey is not overshadowing other important interests in their lives.

Chi-Chi and Muffy don't watch TV so their ever growing collection of books is something we call upon regularly when in need of "downtime". We do have one TV in our home, but it is kept out of the main living area, tucked away in the attic space above our garage. The children and I rarely venture up there during the day as it is not really a kid friendly space. This was by design. Out of sight, out of mind I suppose. Keeping the temptation of the TV out of our daily space is something Hubby and I are pretty adamant about for all members of the family! Since Chi-Chi has most of his favorites memorized, he's actually starting to "read" the stories to Muffy. He's providing Mommy with a valuable opportunity to pull supper together while he "babysits" little brother. I love it!

My latest stint in the workshop was inspired by Chi-Chi's fascination with The Gruffalo. I decided to add a fun little twist to story time by creating a set of characters - Mouse, Fox, Owl, Snake and the Gruffalo of course. For those familiar with this story, I've even got a "good nut" on hand for the finale! What fun Chi-Chi and Muffy are having as they watch their favorite characters come to life in action. This endearing monster was definitely my most challenging wooden figure to date. I think I did a decent job by taking a "keep it simple" approach.

Chi-Chi's fourth birthday is over two months away, but he has already placed his order for a "banana, blueberry, strawberry, Gruffalo cake". Perhaps I should close up the workshop and get busy in the kitchen. This looks like a fairly tall order!

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