Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Laundry Daze

Bustling with the activities of day-to-day family life, the kitchen is most often considered the hub of a household. With two very busy boys residing at Seaside Farms, it is most likely the laundry room that earns this title. While I may serve up three square meals a day, my washing machine is most often running on an overtime shift. Muffy’s cloth diapers and Chi-Chi’s adventures in potty training ensure a steady flow of dirties in the hamper.

Needless to say, I cringe to think of the amount of energy that goes into keeping our clothes and linens fresh and clean. According to my calculations (the geeky accountant in me emerges yet again), I do about 3.6 loads of laundry a day. Ouch! My head goes into a “spin cycle” thinking of the amount of electricity, water and dollars going down the drain.

I’m doing what I can to minimize the impact of my laundry endeavors. When possible, I set the dial on cold in an effort to reduce my hot water consumption. Unfortunately, icy temperatures just don’t cut it when dealing with the contents of Muffy’s diapers pail! I always run a full load. This never seems to be a problem as there is no shortage of soiled items headed my way. Piddled on bed sheets are my most popular “customers” these days.

My favorite energy saving tool, however, is my beloved clothesline. During these sunny summer months, I use the line exclusively to meet my drying needs (unless I’m in a real pinch). Though I often find myself cursing the incessant wind in our seaside location, it certainly makes for ideal drying conditions!

Of course, the nostalgic in me loves my clothesline for romantic reasons as well. A person’s clothesline provides a tiny peek into their private world. I remember the first time I hung Chi-Chi’s newborn sleepers out to dry. It was an announcement to the world that he was now a resident of Seaside Farms. It’s always a fun exercise to adorn the line with Muffy’s rainbow colored Fuzzi Bunz. This is a sight to cherish as his potty training days are fast approaching. Who doesn’t love the sound of sheets billowing in the wind and the clean, cool smell of line-dried clothes?

My dearly loved clothesline is conveniently located right over Chi-Chi and Muffy’s sandbox. It’s a win-win situation for all three of us. While I’m busy hanging a load, the little ones are occupied and entertained. Of course, they are always keen to assist with the chores and laundry is no exception. They even have their own little clothesline! Not only are they having “loads” of fun, but they are learning a lesson in eco-friendly housekeeping!

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