Saturday, 10 May 2008

If You Feed Them They Will Come

Most mornings, as I peer out my kitchen window in a groggy, sleep-deprived state, I swear I’m gazing at a bustling barnyard at feeding time. A menagerie of feathered friends scratch and peck as they gobble up their breakfast. Bunnies galore nibble away on fresh green leaves of sweet clover. Hoofed creatures meander across the lawn. Perhaps I’m simply stuck in a state of reverie. As a young girl, I dreamed of living on a farm, complete with a rambling farmhouse, lofty barn and field full of grazing ponies.

A closer glance reveals that my barnyard friends are not a domestic variety, but rather wild creatures who seem to have found a welcome haven on Seaside Farms II. Ring-necked pheasant, black ducks, snowshoe hares and white-tailed deer are the “regulars” most mornings. They all appear quite pleased and satisfied with the hearty serving of cracked corn Chi-Chi and Muffy dish up each day. They certainly keep coming back for more!

Although I genuinely appreciate and enjoy the presence of these visitors, I marvel most at the fascination and interest displayed by my little ones. Muffy in particular is captivated with feathered creatures. Sammy Seagull and the family of ducks are his favorites. Chi-Chi never ceases to amaze me with his keen and observant eye. At the age of three, he enthusiastically flips through the pages of his nature book, identifying the animals he spots.

It pleases me that my children are provided with a constant stream of educational entertainment right outside our dining room window. Who needs a TV? We’ve locked our dial on the 24 hour nature channel!!

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