Saturday, 9 July 2016

Simple Pleasure of the Week

The other night I had a very strange nightmare.  It probably classifies as more of an tailor-made for a Wool Fairy.  I dreamt that I was in my bedroom and spotted a pesky clothes moth fluttering around....and then there were two, and six and ten.  I looked up to see that the entire ceiling of my bedroom was covered in cocoons, with moths "hatching" from them faster than the eye could see.  Somehow my new Miele vacuum (which was a very exciting, recent, long-awaited purchase for me) could not suck them up quickly enough! 

I'm never pleased to see a moth fluttering inside our house.  I found a couple while cleaning out our closet the other day and was quite distressed.  My husband just purchased new wool suits for the fall and moths are the last thing we need nibbling on them. With the doors open and closed (and often left open) by the boys 1000 times a day, it is inevitable.  Ironically, I have moths to be thankful for lately as they have been keeping the kids entertained for a small spell each day.  We have been spotting some very pretty moths lately around our house.  The boys have been leaving the outside night on each night to see what they can attract.  The first thing they do when they wake up is run downstairs to see if they can spot any new creatures.  I love how children can help you stop and take notice of the simple pleasures in life.....even teaching a Wool Fairy to find a soft spot for moths in her heart.  My 9 year old actually remarked, "Wow, there are so many lovely moths today!".  Here are our favorites from this weeks "catch". 
polyphemus moth

Luna Moth

Waved Sphinx

Although I'm starting to see the beauty in some moths, I'd prefer they stay away from my woolens!  Does anyone have any tips for keeping them out of the closet??


Linda Katz said...

Such beautiful moths! Your children are taking such delight in them is because they see you doing so. It isn't our words but our actions that instill strong feelings of love (of the environment, of family, of faith() in our children.
Back to the moths! Some preventative measures I have used: 1. "Safer" makes natural moth traps you can put in drawers and closets; 2. Wood clothing should always be cleaned at the end of the winter season to kill any larvae--I tuck them away in plastic under-the-bed boxes. 3. Suit covers with zippers can protect a very expensive investment. 4. Cedar only works in a chest or closet, in my opinion. Lavender, rosemary, thyme, cloves, or bay leaves might help repel, but are not a trustworthy method. 5. Finally, if it is a hand-knit item that you spent months working on, NEVER let it out of your sight!

The Wool Fairy said...

Hi Linda,

Thank you so much for all your tips!! I think suit covers for my husband's winter suits should be a must during the summer months when he's not using them. I also didn't realize I should wash the sweaters before I store them. I usually do it when I take them out of storage so they feel more fresh. I'll be sure to change this routine. THANK YOU!!!!

Linda said...

Lovely moths!

Debs said...

Unfortunately I don't. Lovely photos though :)