Monday, 24 October 2011

Squirrelling Away

We've been graced with warm temperatures, sunshine and blue skies the last few days. We were even lucky enough to enjoy a late-season campfire on Saturday night. Despite the great weather, I still find my mind shifting inward lately. I've been tinkering away on a few little household projects and repairs I've had on my list for awhile. Perhaps my mind and body are subconsciously preparing for the cold season ahead. I seem to be shifting into a "bunker down" mood, looking for ways to clean up, cozy up and warm up the inside of our home!

Both boys' rooms are a bit of a work in progress. I'm not really into a "decorated look" when it comes to kid's rooms and prefer a more mismatched, homey feel. Hand making quilts takes time, as does shopping for deals at antique stores! I'm always looking for ways to add a little handmade touch to these special rooms in our homes. The walls are rather bare and stark, so I've made it my mission to add a bit of character in this department. I've intentionally tried to keep their rooms uncluttered in an effort to provide a soothing, relaxing atmosphere. I believe keeping the toys and clutter out gives the little ones room to breathe and think.

Some clutter, however, is inevitable. Chi-chi in particular is a bit of a pack rat. He likes to "squirrel away" the various trinkets, treasures and trash he collects on his adventures. I was recently flipping through my copy of The Children's Year, seeking out a bit of crafty inspiration. I came across the idea to create a set of wall pockets for the boys - a perfect storage solution for all those miscellaneous little bits and pieces. I'm in love with this sweet squirrel fabric! It's a nice heavy weight and provided a good, strong backing for the pockets. I love that the pockets are both decorative and functional! What a fun little space to hide treasures and various other important items. Unknowingly, I actually sized them perfectly for hockey cards! Another related idea I simply love are these pocket curtains. So fun! They make great hiding spots. I might have to try these as well.

I struggled a bit when determining how to hang the pockets. My husband suggested I use drywall screws as they would provide the necessary support. That sounded great...except that they are extremely ugly! I came up with a great little cover up trick that I'm pretty proud off! I glued a couple of acorn caps over the screws using my glue gun. Not only do they do the trick, they are super cute and even tie in with the squirrel theme. Loving my new idea, I used the same trick when hanging Muffy's little caterpillar he received for his birthday.

As tiny as this project was, it felt great to get something done from start to finish. I'm happy with the fun, warm touch they add to the bedrooms. Chi-Chi and Muffy love their new organizers and have been busy squirrelling away.


Mary Beth said...

Excellent kids' room inspiration here. I love the wall pockets! And that quilt is amazing.

The Wool Fairy said...

Thanks for the kind words. They are already asking fore more wall pockets for their endless supply of treasures (: