Sunday, 11 September 2011

A Wonderful Weekend

On this Sunday evening, I find myself gearing up for the busy week ahead. We are all still adjusting to "back to school", so my mind is on bus schedules, lunch boxes and clean school clothes. I thought I'd take a quick moment to share some photos from this past weekend. So many moments that make me smile here! We stuck fairly close to home, tinkering in the garden, the yard, the kitchen and a nearby beach.

Oh, those boys of mine made me laugh today. I found them dressed in full battle gear, up to no good in their "secret hideout". They had confiscated an entire box of spare blades from Daddy's new reciprocating saw and were preparing for a very secretive and dangerous mission. I am a lover of dress up clothes! They are a staple in our everyday play around these parts. I've been trying to convince Chi-Chi all week that his skeleton costume is simply not a suitable choice for school. Though interesting, and adorable I might add, it would be a bit distracting in class! I made these knight costumes over a year ago and finally pulled them out of my stash this morning. I guess I was waiting for the right mood and moment! I'm thinking they would be perfect for Halloween....but I have a feeling I might be whipping up some spider costumes this year. It is all about bugs, bugs, bugs with that Muffy of mine. (I realize a spider is not technically a bug, but it creeps and crawls so it fits the bill)

We took a short jaunt to a nearby beach for an afternoon family outing today. What a gorgeous place. Low tide always provides the most perfect opportunity for discovery. Chi-Chi and Muffy had so much fun mucking around the tide pools, marvelling at the thousands of periwinkles. We came home with more miscellaneous bones for that growing collection of ours!

Hockey season is fast approaching. I have to admit, it feels too much like summer to even contemplate sitting around an icy cold rink. I don't understand the Canadian obsession with playing hockey all year round (I'll save my rant for another day). Anyway, Muffy will be joining big brother on the ice this year, so we did an equipment inventory this weekend to see what pieces we need to pick up. I love this shot of my sweetie enjoying a quiet moment of reading with all that gear loaded on. It really demonstrates his many sides - rough and tumble, yet sweet, curious and contemplative.

Hoping everyone enjoyed a wonderful weekend as we did!

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Love the 'hockey' photo - so cute! Nancy LeB