Saturday, 14 May 2011

There's No Business Like Egg Business

Nothing quite says spring like the sight and sound of a new baby chick. We've currently got 7 new little feathered friends peeping and pooping in the garage! As I mentioned in my last post, we are in the midst of building a small barn. The barn will serve a number of purposes, including home to our growing flock of fowl...and other exciting plans I have rattling around in my head. It appears hubby may be on a different page on the matter. I spyed a sketch he prepared of the floor plan which alloted the vast majority of space to his surfboard and other miscellaneous storage, with a corner scratched out for my gardening supplies and livestock. Those surfboads might have to make room for the pony I'm dreaming of. (:

With "my little pony" remaining a mere childhood dream at this point, I'm focusing on our flock of chickens and ducks. I have to admit, it's pretty easy to get caught up in the excitment of learning about and acquiring new breeds. On Easter morning, I had the whole family up bright and early, on the road to Silverlane Farm Shop in New Germany, Nova Scotia. The Easter Bunny was so accomodating this year and came to our house a day early (what great service). I was on a quest to acquire Cuckoo Maran chicks for our little flock. These hens, known as the "chocolate layers", produce eggs of a deep chocolate brown. I became fascinated with them and was so thrilled to find a Nova Scotia source. We also purchased a few more Americauna chicks to add to our flock of green layers. Sometimes I wonder what Chi-Chi and Muffy will think of me when they look back on these days.....dragging the family across the province to source out my coveted birds. Perhaps they will think that Mommy is just like her Maran's, a little "cuckoo".

Anyway, a growing flock inevitably leads to a growing supply of eggs in the fridge! Since we've got a bit of a surplus, I decided it might be a good idea to start sharing the goods. I have a lovely neighbour who expressed an interest in purchasing a dozen eggs every couple of weeks. We agreed that although I don't feel compelled to take her money, it would be a good learning experience for the boys to start a little egg selling endeavour. Both boys assist me in caring for the birds and collecting the eggs so it's not a stretch to say they have earned the funds. We agreed that every second Friday, she will pop by the house to pick up her eggs. It's a nice way to stay in touch with a neighbour, and a great way to start teaching the children about earning, saving, spending and financial management. Underneath this apron of mine, I'm still an accountant (:


sherrie said...

Your eggs are so gorgeous! I will definitely get in touch when we're in the market for some hens and pick your brain. I love that they have their little business - it's such a good way to teach them so many things!

The Wool Fairy said...

Yes, do drop me a note when your time comes for chicks. There are lots of great farms in NS selling heritage breeds. So much fun! I hope your house sale happens quickly for you.