Friday, 24 October 2008

Let The Magic Unfold...

For the past week, The Wool Fairy has been spending her evenings working diligently in the kitchen. Unfortunately for her family, all this time and effort at the kitchen stove did not result in new and exciting culinary creations. Her recipes were definitely not edible in nature - a pound of wool, a splash of rust, a dab of gold, a pinch of moss green…

I was over the moon when Deanne Fitzpatrick asked me to dye a collection of skeins for her rug hooking shop and studio! As a fellow rug hooker and an admirer of Deanne’s work for many years, I was confident I could fill her request. I chose a few beautifully textured yarns and drew on my inspiring surroundings to create vibrant and rich color combinations. This was an interesting exercise as my efforts ended in the dye pot. I would not be using these tempting reels of yarn for my personal creations. It’s actually rather exciting to think that my precious little skeins will find their way to the hands and hooks of others. These colorful strands of wool will be magically transformed into restless seas, soaring hills and windswept skies.

It’s interesting how our creative efforts evolve and shift over time. When I chose my slogan, “Let the magic unfold…” I was referring to the creative and imaginative play my wooly toys would evoke in a child. When I consider the beauty and mystery that exists within a hand dyed skein of wool, my “slogan” remains a perfect fit! It’s always so exciting to witness the unfolding of hand dyed wool, whether knitting a scarf or hooking a landscape. The hand-dyed aspect of the fiber offers a unique light, color and texture to a work that cannot be replicated.

So, now that my little project is complete, I guess it is time to pack up my skeins, kiss them goodbye and send them on their way. I hope they bring as much inspiration and joy to others as I experienced during their creation!


BeFRuiTFuL said...

The wool yarn colors are gorgeous. No wonder she wanted you to make some for her shop.


Wendie Scott Davis said...

Hi there,

Thanks for leaving your comment on my blog - my turn to return the favour. Your blog is wonderful and I didn't realize that some of your wool was in the "lusting after" pile at Deanne's.

I have seen your name on Etsy in my visits, so another touch point is a wondeful thing.

I remember when my kids were young how tough it was to carve out time to do my own art. It was either late at night or early in the morning while they slept (when they were a bit older). I hadn't yet discovered hooking - that happened only 5 years ago and now they are grown and away.

Hang in there. Enjoy their smallness - it passes way too quickly. And know that you will have time to spend soon - although it will still be a juggling act, which I think is half the fun.


Terry and Jackie said...

Your wee ones are toooo cute!
Savour every moment because when they say it all passes too is true...I blinked and mine were grown.
Enjoy this time
Jackie at The Red Door

Gypsy said...

What beautiful wool, and what a fun endeavour! The lady who runs our school shop dies wool and it is so gorgeous ... almost enough to make me try knitting again!

April said...

mermaids mermaids...I can't wait to do the mermaid doll with a little Wool Fairy magic. I'll be working on "Fiona II" tonight, with your beautiful goldielocks.

I MUST visit Deanne's shop!


Your knit and crocheted items are fabulous. I love your cozies for the water bottles. Everyday I tuck my daughter's thermos in a winter toque to keep it warm. Do you share your patterns. I would love to make her a colorful cozy.

The Wool Fairy said...

Yes, the cozies certainly come in handy in my house! I don't really have "patterns" for any of the items as I just kind of make it up as I go. I actually don't know how to read crochet patterns! I'm self taught (: I basically just single crochet in the round until I get the desired shape.

Thanks for the lovely comments everyone (:

April said...

The triplets are done...time to make a Fairy ;)