Friday, 22 February 2008

Here Comes Peter Cottontail....

1962. My iTunes reports this tally as the number of times I’ve listened to the song “Little Saint Nick” by the Beach Boys since November 21. Needless to say, it is starting to grate on my frayed nerves. This tune has been at the very top of Chi-Chi’s request list ever since he heard tell of dear old Santa. Christmas may have come and gone, but Chi-Chi and his red Santa suit are going strong.

Desperately grasping for some much-needed variety in my life, I wisely came to the conclusion that the time had arrived to introduce my little guys to the wonderful world of the Easter Bunny. Not surprisingly, the wide-eyed Chi-Chi listened attentively as I described the rituals of our fluffy friend. With his rabbit ears firmly fixed and a basket of plastic eggs in tow, he immediately set to work.

With my not-so-recent plastic elimination campaign in mind, the Wool Fairy engaged herself to seek out a more natural and aesthetically pleasing option to the traditional plastic Easter toys. My trusty crochet hook came in handy once again as I set to work. In no time, Chi-Chi and Muffy were proudly presented with their very own set of felted woolen Easer eggs. I used lusciously soft wool in a rainbow of colors. Each egg was stuffed with raw fleece and was felted to give it a heavier, firmer feel. Chi-Chi and Muffy are having a ball toting around their eggs. They chuckle to themselves as they sneak around the house, hiding their wooly treasures. They squeal in delight with each discovery under a cushion or behind the couch.

No doubt, my dear friend Peter Cottontail will be under my skin by the time summer rolls around...just in time for Christmas in July!

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